Reasons to attend

Unique market data
No other industry event will give you the same kind of in-depth market intelligence. Each part of the conference is highly focused and the result of individual and original research.

Keep up to date/see what is new in the industry
Learn how to take advantage of the economy to maintain and grow your business from the leading local and international experts in the field of resin manufacturing and utilization. Speakers will present extensive and detailed industry assessments on new plastics resins, hi-tech polymers, conversion market factors and trend analysis on costs improvements through emerging technologies and the impact of global price development.

Key customer markets covered
This conference will not just look at the trends in supply and demand for polymers but will also provide a detailed understanding of the plastics processing industry and its customer markets (e.g. packaging, automotive, building, etc).

Build on your existing knowledge of global and GCC plastic conversion markets
Connect with over 150 companies in the industry participating at the event. Participating companies include, are not limited to plastics converters and compounders, resin producers, additives & masterbatch producers, plastic collectors & reclaimers, consumer of recycled resins, technology providers, machine manufacturers, petrochemical producers, oil producers, consultants, investors, traders, covernments, logistics and others.

Endless networking opportunities with leaders in the industry
GPCA Plasticon 2017 is your opportunity to network with clients, prospective partners, colleagues, vendors and industry leaders all in one location. In 2016, there were over 200 delegates from 13 countries around the globe.

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The 9th GPCA PlastiCon

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