Dinesh Itty

Production Manager, Corys Building Materials LLC

Dinesh Itty Thomas is a professional manufacturing expert with over 20 years’ experience in the plastics manufacturing industry, currently the Factory manager for Hepworth LLC facilities.

Through his professional career, Dinesh have been managing the development of the Hepworth LLC manufacturing capabilities, starting with GRP/GRE operations that extended over time
To cover PVC – PE – ABS – PPR production, both pipes and fittings as well as fabricated items.

Dinesh was instrumental for Hepworth LLC new JV’s with global plastics market leaders, fully in charge of technology transfers across the JV.

Working as the corporate Compliance manager, Dinesh have been responsible for improving HPME quality standards ensuring all the industry certifications in place for Hepworth products as well as managing the key suppliers’ certification process to meet both local and international plastics industry standards.

Dinesh possess a strong operational excellence experience the manufacturing environment with tremendous impact on product cost and quality.

Dinesh in his capacity as factory manager have been chairing the Hepworth LLC new product introduction committee, with successful launches of second tier product portfolio to support the commercial ambition and aspirations to cover the different market segments.

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